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How to Submit a Store Banner

If you sell Kheper Games products and have a website, we’re happy to display a banner and a link for you on our Where to Buy page. The banner size matches a common internet ad size of 728 × 90 that you are probably very familiar with. We will also accept and display retina (high resolution) images at 1,456 × 180 which will provide the best customer experience on modern devices. Other smaller sizes are accepted but will be reduced to fit inside a 728 × 90 area and centered.

The preferred file type is JPEG but PNG is also accepted. No animated GIFs are accepted because a page full of animated GIFs isn’t going to bring business to anyone. (Note: There are some smaller animated GIFs on the page as of this writing, they were transferred from our previous site.)

The images are sorted alphabetically by store name as they would be in a phone book. If you don’t have an image, or don’t have one currently, sites with no image are listed alphabetically at the bottom of the page.

You should also provide us with a URL link to your site, preferably a link to a page featuring Kheper Games products, since that is what the customer will be expecting to find. A front-page link is also fine.

To submit or update your image or link, or if you have questions, simply send us an email at: