Kheper Games, Inc. is thrilled to announce their partnership with a new emerging brand, Warm

Warm Human is a line of gifts, home décor, and stationery products for friends and lovers that
are equal parts snarky and soulful. Founder, Lisa Mazurek-Anderson, is a veteran of the adult
product industry with over 20 years’ experience and has a passion for taking care of retailers in
this space.

“I’ve created a brand with a whimsical-side that uses clever wit and design to make consumers
smile, and a soulful-side meant to empower and inspire people to live passionately, and
unapologetically embrace who they are.” says Warm Human CEO Lisa Mazurek-Anderson.
“We will be in Kheper Games, Inc’s booth at ANME showcasing many of our new products,

We ALL have a friend who is the living, breathing definition of poor life choices, that we’d
LOVE to gift our new Red Flag Blinders to. Afterall, their dating stories are far more
entertaining while they stay on that toxic rollercoaster ride, versus being in a tame, yet healthy

Our Trashy Trinket Trays are classy and naughty, just the way we like it. And we’ve introduced
a cute and filthy section of greeting cards, specifically for the adult industry.

Ink + Soul is Warm Human’s empowering magnet, sticker and greeting card lines with new
trinket trays, that carry an authentic, passionate and unapologetic voice that the world needs
more of at this time. It inspires you to live boldly and love yourself as you are; flaws and all.”
“I’m beyond thrilled to be partnering in business with my long-time friend, Brian Pellham, and
Kheper Games, Inc. I’ve had the upmost respect for Brian, both personally and professionally,
for several decades. I am wildly inspired by him and in awe of where he has come from in
business. He is the perfect balance of humble confidence, kindness, creativity and integrity.”
For more details about Warm Human, please visit, or contact, or 800-880-9138. We can be found on Facebook, and Instagram.
“Every single one of us at Kheper Games instantly fell in love with the Warm Human brand,”
explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We’ve been eager to expand our business into new areas and the
warmth, thoughtfulness and inspiration Lisa’s line brings was a no brainer for us to eagerly
invest into. We look forward to sharing it with everyone at ANME.”

In addition to launching the Warm Human line at ANME, Kheper Games will also be launching
10 new items; Googly Eye Pasties, Who is the Biggest Dick?, Ski Shot, Banana Cup, Love Your

Pussy Candy Dish, Blue Potleaf Ashtray, All Dicks Naughty Confetti, Pink Syringe Shooters,
Metallic Sex! Dice, and Metallic Let’s Get Slutty! Dice.

For more details on adult party and relationship games by Kheper Games, please contact, of visit www.khepergames,com. We can be found, as well, on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.