Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce 40 Reasons to Party and 40 Reasons to Have Sex as
two new games joining their extensive line of award-winning adult games. Each high quality set
includes 40 cards and a stand to display the activity, the person selecting the card, wants to act

40 Reasons to Party is a set of 40 illustrated cards that give you fun reasons and ideas on how to
party. When you feel like having some fun, select a card and display it for your friends. Then
carry out the instructions or drinking game rules. Example cards include “Because the wine
won’t drink itself. Go wine tasting!” and “Someone offered you a penny for your thoughts, and
you said you’d rather play quarters.”

40 Reasons to Have Sex is a set of 40 sexy cards that give you funny reasons and ideas on how to
have great sex! When you feel frisky, select a card, display it for your lover, and follow the
position until you’re ready for a second card or orgasms. Example reasons on the cards include
“You’re tired of feeling tied down, and would rather be tied up.” And “Because he said ‘Can you
please help with the groceries?’ and you heard ‘Get on your knees bitch!’”

Both sets are being launched with 11 other new products at ANME and the 40 Reasons to Party
set will be available to sample in the break room at the Vibe show.

“We are excited to offer something new to the adult games market.” explains CEO Brian
Pellham. “We are already getting great feedback for how cute the sets are and how funny the
cards are as well. Whether hanging out with good friends, or trying something fun with a lover,
it’s important and always helps to start with a good laugh!”

40 Reasons to Party joins Kheper Games, Inc.’s line of party games, including: Extreme
Personal Questions, Making Bad Situations Worse, The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking
Games, the full family of What the F*ck? games, THC, Potheads Against Sanity, Think Like a
Stoner, and many, many more.

40 Reasons to Have Sex joins Kheper Games, Inc.’s massive list of romance and sex games
including: Date Nights, Sex!!!, Mind, Body & Soul, Sex!, Lust!, Let’s Fool Around, Let’s F*ck!,
Fantasy Affairs, Intimacy, Sex! Card Games, Go F*ck!, Good Times Here We Cum!, Bedroom
Commands, 1000 Sex Games, 4Play, Hedonism, Creative Kisses, Seductions Kits, and many,
many more.

For more details on adult party and relationship games by Kheper Games, please contact, of visit www.khepergames,com. We can be found, as well, on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.