Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to release its newest drinking game, More Drink if…
More Drink if… is a follow up to their new best selling drinking game, Drink if… Both are
standalone products and are drinking games for 3-20 players with extremely easy game rules to
follow. Roll a die, say “Drink if…” and then read the item next to the number you rolled. For
example, “You have ever fondled a mannequin.” Or “Drink if banjo music makes you think of
incest.” Then any player who would say yes, does so by taking a drink.

You’ll never run out of fun things to drink to with 1200 reasons to drink (200 cards) in each
game. Each version can be played easily at any type of party, or happy hour, because people
can exit and reenter the game at any time. The also work as an ice breaker around people you
don’t know very well and you’ll get to know them quickly.

“This game has taken off because of how easy it is to play and how humorous the content it. It is
also an extremely flexible party game as players can easily exit and reenter game play.” explains
CEO Brian Pellham. “For drinking games especially, rules need to be easy to follow, as they are
with all our games. These games also have our unique humor as well so things can get dirty and
hilarious very often. It can even be played with two players, but we recommend at least three.”

Kheper Games, Inc. also has an extensive line of party games, including: Extreme Personal
Questions, Making Bad Situations Worse, The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking Games, the full
family of What the F*ck?games, THC, Potheads Against Sanity, and many, many more.

For more details on the line of party and romance games by Kheper Games, please contact or call 1-877-426-3755.