Kheper, Inc. is formally launching a Ski Shot, a set of 4 shot glasses on a plastic ski.
Kheper Inc. (Also known as Kheper Games, Inc) is releasing the shot glass set as an in-home
version of Shotski, a trend where several skiers do shots together that are fastened on the same

Customers of this item can enjoy them as a fun and campy shot glass set. Or, do you want to do
a ski shot? Fasten all four glasses to the ski, fill them up with liquor, liqueurs and mixers, and
then drink them in waterfall fashion by lifting the front of the ski above your mouth.
“Parties are back and there’s no better way to celebrate than with this shot glass set! CEO Brian
Pellham explains. “Doing shots off of skis is a ski lodge tradition, and this set makes it
something you can enjoy more easily and in your own home.”

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of barware including: Booze Implant Flasks, In-COCK-nito
Flask, Potleaf Cup, $ Cup, Banana Cup, Daisy Cup, Cactus Cup, Watermelon Cup, Disco Heart
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Cup, and The Christmas Tree Cup. For the holidays, Kheper also offers Candy Cane Straws,
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