“We find it extremely important and valuable to offer products for the LGBTQ+ community,” Brian Pellham, CEO of adult games and novelties manufacturer Kheper Games, shares. “We license the Progress flag and continue to build on our line of products, such as All Dicks Penis Candy, All Dicks Straws, games and confetti that utilize this in the packaging. We also offer many games that work for any couple, and even some for throuples and quads, like our Sex! Game, also with the Progress flag packaging.”

Kheper Games offers LGTBQ-friendly versions of its card games — such as Gay Sex! and Lesbian Sex! — and endeavors to provide inclusive options.

“As the writer of the content, and as a gay man, I make every product gender-neutral when I can,” Pellham says. “Some instructional games will specify gender, but with our wide offering of products, we truly have many products for everyone.”

Pellham plans to expand Kheper Games’ support of the LGTBQ+ community.

“We worked with the designer and owner of the Progress flag design to have the rights to utilize this design in our product line,” he says. “We have many products in our line and in development that proudly symbolize not just the LGB flag that we more commonly see, but also the T, Q and +, and that is important to not overlook as well.”

Pellham added, “In addition to our heavy advertising around Pride, we also gladly donate to organizations that promote or support the LGBTQ+ community. We support many community events and organizations, including the Seattle Men’s Chorus and Camp Ten Trees, which is a youth LGBTQ+ camp, and parents are part of this community. When our son attended the summer before COVID closures, we learned we were one of their top benefactors.”

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