Notable Media Mentions

Notable Media Mentions

A Look at the Rise of LGBTQ+ Representation, Inclusivity in the Pleasure Market


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Kheper Games Sells 1M SEX! Games

Kheper Games, Inc. launches ‘Extreme Personal Questions for Lovers’

A Partier’s Guide to 51 Drinking Games

Changing the Game: Kheper Games Reaches 20-Year Milestone


Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Progress Line

Kheper Games, Inc. Pokes Donald Trump in New Acts of Insanity Videos


Endless Nights of Amazing Sex! voted top game by Passionerad Magazine in Sweden

Endless Nights of Amazing Sex! voted top game by Passionerad Magazine in Sweden

Motivate your answer
“I have tried tons of different sex games and Endless Nights of Amazing Sex has been the
by far most spicy and fun one. I have played it many times with my hubby and we have
amazing sex each time. I would truly recommend it to anyone that wants to step out of
their comfort zone and just let loose!” / Anna, 40

“Endless Nights of Amazing Sex has let me learn so much about my partner’s fantasies…
It turned out that she likes just the same things as I do, just that none of us had the guts to
speak out about it. So thanks to this little hot game have we finally found out about our
deepest wet dreams ;)” / Albin, 29

“Endless Nights of Amazing Sex is the best sex game ever. I gave it to my girlfriend on
valentine’s day and it was a shot in the dark but wow, it’s better than I ever could have
expected. I must also say that it’s very affordable, so it’s really the perfect gift to give your
partner!” / Olivia, 32

“Endless Nights of Amazing Sex has really spiced up mine and my dear partner’s sex life
and it has just given us so much inspiration of new things to try in bed, but it has also
helped us to open up with our fantasies. Nowadays we have as passionate sex as when
we were in our twenties and that is thanks to this little game 🙂 So with that said – give it a
shoot, you wont regret it!!!” / Frida, 48

“Endless Nights of Amazing Sex is very straightforward and easy to play thanks to the
cards being short and concise and many of them even have pictures which just makes it
even more clear.” / Eric, 27

“Everyone that wants to dive deep into their partner’s sexual fantasies will love this game. I
have learned so much about what truly turns on my boyfriend and we have the best sex
ever these days! This is a true “must have” for all couples that love sex and want to invest
in more fun and playful sex together!” / Maja, 24

“This game will bring your most naughty sides to the surface. It’s very hot and makes you
relax and for me and my partner this was probably the best thing that could ever happen
to our sexlife. It just helped us talk about sex and fantasies in a way we never have talked
about sex before. I give this game ten out of ten points – kudos to the ones creating it!” /
Richard, 35

“The best thing about Endless Nights of Amazing Sex is that you never get tired of it since
there’s so many fun and hot challenges. This is probably the best thing I have bought for
my wife in a long long time. Also, a recommendation is to play it along with sex toys, that
just makes it even funnier!” / Jens, 54

“I have played all the big and “must play” sex games but haven’t been hooked on any of
them. Then I got Endless Nights of Amazing Sex recommended by a friend and I decided
to give it a try and yes, I directly realized that this was what I had been longing for all the
time. It’s fun and erotic but still not cringe and weird. It’s just very well made and fits me
and my boyfriend perfectly!” / Cornelia, 34

“The best game to play after a lovely dinner with a glass of wine. Gosh, it has brought us
so many hot nights…. It feels like we’re teenagers again hehe.” / Maria, 62
“Endless Nights of Amazing Sex is probably the most price worthy sex game I have ever
tried. It’s very well made at a still human price which makes me pick it as my favorite :)” /

Filip, 43
“A discreet, hot and very fun sex game that’s really pleasurable to play. I truly recommend
it to anyone who seeks a little excitement in their sex life!” / Ronja, 26

“I found out about Endless Nights of Amazing Sex on Reddit. It was recommended as a
great beginners sex game that you also could “grow” in so I thought yeah, whatever let’s
try it. So I bought it for me and my girlfriend and we have been hooked since the first time
we tried it. It’s so easy to play and really makes you come closer to your partner in a
sexual way. We have learned things that we use in our overall sex life as well, not only
when we play the game. So everyone that want’s to take their sexlife to a new level should
really invest in this game and play it through a few times. Best thing is that you have a
super nice time while learning ;)” / Melker, 25

“The sex game with no losers. Everyone truly wins in this game. Wow, we have such a
erotic time each time we play. I love the challenges on the cards and I love the aesthetics
of the game. The box is not too naught which also makes it discreet!” / Per, 47

“This truly is proof that you’re never fully teached when it comes to sex! I am 58 years old
and have learned so many things about both myself and my wife. Wow, it’s never too late!”
/ John, 58

Thanks to Swedish online sex magazine Passionerad for running the survey.

YNOTCAM Feature: Mixing it Up with Kheper Adult Games

YNOTCAM Feature: Mixing it Up with Kheper Adult Games

Mixing it Up with Kheper Adult Games

Create some fun cam content with these adult games and products from Kheper Games.

Variety is the spice of life!

If you’re starting to get bored with the same old cam show and running out of creative ideas, it’s time to think outside the box.

One way to do that is to implement some toys and products into your performances that will not only excite you but excite your fans.

In the spirt of this, YNOT Cam will be covering some companies in the next few months that have innovative and unique items which can add a shot of adrenaline and fun to your work. This week I’m profiling a really cool novelty manufacturer called Kheper Games.

Kheper Games are strictly for adults, naughty and wild, making them a perfect option to add to your bag of tricks.

More than twenty years in business, Kheper Games was started by CEO and product inventor, Brian Pellham, a man who took to penning games’ books after graduating college. Turns out he had a knack for the gab and after selling half a million copies, he branched into creating his own board, card, and dice games – all with a little edge.

If games aren’t your thing, Pellham also went on to launch some sexy and humorous bar and weed-ware that can be used to decorate your room or add to your wish list.

Consider the “In-COCK-nito” flask to hide your booze in your nether regions, “Booze Implants” as a way to “increase” your bust without the dangers of silicone, and check out their whole line of cool cannabis goods.

A truly creative soul, Pellham gets his ideas from all sorts of places… sometimes it’s just a funny name he comes up with that he creates the game or product from, or he sees something in the mainstream world that could be tweaked for adult. Whatever the case, there’s just a lot of really unique and hilarious items on the site that could be used in cam shows.

When asked for suggestions on what some of his best products for content creators were he shared that “Items like our disco ball cups can light up their surroundings as they reflect light like a regular disco ball would. Also, our games with sex positions display well and easily communicate their value.”

Get your fans to buy their own deck and together you can play, and if that’s not your jam perhaps you want to sport these edible rainbow pride pasties, or enjoy some cocksuckers. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Kheper Games Featured In XBIZ Article Rise of LGBTQ+ Representation, Inclusivity in the Pleasure Market

“We find it extremely important and valuable to offer products for the LGBTQ+ community,” Brian Pellham, CEO of adult games and novelties manufacturer Kheper Games, shares. “We license the Progress flag and continue to build on our line of products, such as All Dicks Penis Candy, All Dicks Straws, games and confetti that utilize this in the packaging. We also offer many games that work for any couple, and even some for throuples and quads, like our Sex! Game, also with the Progress flag packaging.”

Kheper Games offers LGTBQ-friendly versions of its card games — such as Gay Sex! and Lesbian Sex! — and endeavors to provide inclusive options.

“As the writer of the content, and as a gay man, I make every product gender-neutral when I can,” Pellham says. “Some instructional games will specify gender, but with our wide offering of products, we truly have many products for everyone.”

Pellham plans to expand Kheper Games’ support of the LGTBQ+ community.

“We worked with the designer and owner of the Progress flag design to have the rights to utilize this design in our product line,” he says. “We have many products in our line and in development that proudly symbolize not just the LGB flag that we more commonly see, but also the T, Q and +, and that is important to not overlook as well.”

Pellham added, “In addition to our heavy advertising around Pride, we also gladly donate to organizations that promote or support the LGBTQ+ community. We support many community events and organizations, including the Seattle Men’s Chorus and Camp Ten Trees, which is a youth LGBTQ+ camp, and parents are part of this community. When our son attended the summer before COVID closures, we learned we were one of their top benefactors.”

Read the entire article here